Thursday, July 9, 2009

VI - Triumph Of Death EP 1987

VI hail from Denmark, and are a bit of a mystery to me. Nonetheless, they put out a killer 7" on the very prolific Looney Tunes Records, run by the folks in the band Active Minds. This record, as well as most of the Looney Tunes catalog are out of print. The label is still active to this day, although it mostly focuses on releasing and keeping in print the extensive Active Minds discography. As an added bonus, I added 2 VI songs that appeared on the Noget Pa Dansk 7" compilation, released on the label Boston Tea Party in 1984.

1. Tiltcore
2. En Slov Knov I Brystet
3. It's Love
4. Bunch Of Shit
5. Gadebillede
6. Alt For Meget Menneske
7. Dod Raddern Menneskehed
8. Hekse Proces (comp track)
9. Yankee Go Home (comp track)


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