Saturday, July 11, 2009

Revenge Of The Whores - Demo 1983

I received this demo through tape trading with Jan from the band Agathocles some years back. Jan championed this band as an influence, so I was curious to hear it. I was a bit surprised listening to this, they are certainly a hair faster than your average hardcore band in 1983. Word is that these guys were basically intending to top D.R.I. in the speed department. Revenge Of The Whores were from Arizona, so perhaps the heat was the reason for all the speed and frustration. After this band, members went on to Useless Piece Of Shit, who were an early noisecore thrash band a la Psycho Sin. The ROTW tape I received from Jan has 4 songs on it, I have heard it actually has 7. Sorry if my version is incomplete. The lyrics to the song "Boycott Israel," are possibly sketchy from what I can make out, free speech for the dumb.

1. Hinckley's Brain
Club Foot
Boycott Israel
Robot Man


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