Thursday, July 9, 2009

Outlawz - '82 & '83

Prepare for a quick pummeling by these then-young Netherlanders. 3 of the tracks here are from the Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit Vol. 1 compilation LP from '82, and the other 3 are from Vol. 2 which was released a year later. Both volumes of that compilation are well worth having, each one features well recorded material from other Dutch greats like B.G.K., Zmiv, Pandemonium, Nitwitz, etc., but the focus here is on the Outlawz. From what I can gather, this is all the material the Outlawz released. If anyone out there knows anything different, feel free to comment. The band broke up in 1983 when their drummer joined Frites Modern. Not surprisingly, his influence on Frites Modern's sound changed them from a more melodic punk band to a raving thrash band!

1. El Salvador
2. Enola Gay/Anyway
3. Dollars
4. Dummy
5. General
6. Chocomel


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