Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Jersey's Finest - 4 Swell Guys demo 1982

Here's a demo from one of Central New Jersey's earliest hardcore bands. They hailed from New Brunswick, which was home to a few other great hardcore acts like Send Help, TMA and Genocide. NJF were very short lived, by 1983 bass player Andy Skovran and guitar players Paul Decolator and Harpo were absorbed into the band Pleased Youth. Unfortunately, Paul Decolater passed away in 2002. A mere months before his passing, I was discussing releasing some NJF material with him. Sadly, that release was never able to materialize. Paul's love of music was immense, he was deeply involved in anything and everything. He booked and promoted shows (7 Second's 1st Jersey show and many others!), ran a zine (Tips & Tours), did a radio show (WPRB-Princeton), played for a handful of bands (Loose, NJF, Bristles, Pleased Youth, G.G. Allin), and just before his passing, was looking to start a label. I remember him really wanting to do a legit release of Autistic Behavior's "Shattered Cattle" LP, which never saw proper release.

The other members of NJF still play on. Vocalist Harpo and Andy play for Niblick Henbane (Headache Records).

According to Paul, NJF had about 5 studio recorded songs that never came out. I also have some live stuff recorded at the now defunct Pipeline which I may upload later.

1. New Jersey's Finest
Selective Service
Lose A Bolt
I Wanna Kill U
Jah Blah Blah
Temporary Insanity
Let's Sellout
Draft Beer
Gutter Snipe



  1. FYI

    'Sluggo' was not in the NJF line up, that was Andy, Paul and Harpo. I was their 'official' artist - flyers, tattoos, shirts, etc.. Wot a f'in amazing band. NJF, I believe, grew out of GSS - Green Shirts Suck - later reformed w./ BS Subversive and the DA as Garden State Skinheads. Also, the band was from Fair Lawn, NJ - not New Brunswick!

    Truly, A Laugh Riot.


  2. Drummer was Chris Jecko. Harpo and Paul were from Fair Lawn. Chris from Montclair. Decolator was from North or East Brunswick.

    Jah blah blah

  3. anyone know how to get in touch with John Smith of Autistic Behavior? Email AUTISTIC BEHAVIOR's Shattered Cattle has just finished being mixed and is about to go to press. Craig and I would love to talk to him if possible.

  4. I'm Sluggo and before Pleased Youth, Me and Paul actually tried to resurrect NJF with Danny from Detention on drums and me, Paul, Andy and Harpo. Harpo joined the Navy and we ended up morphing into Pleased Youth. Decolator was from North Brunswick which is why they got lumped into being a New Brunswick band.