Friday, July 17, 2009

United Mutation - 01/07/1983 demo

I've heard a lot of negative things about Lost And Found Records. Been told that they were rip offs or bootleggers, and for all I know, it may all be very true. At the same time, Lost And Found introduced me to lots of great hardcore releases that would have gone under my radar if they hadn't gotten them into the shops. United Mutation were one of these bands, and I need to thank Lost And Found for including United Mutation on various releases. The first United Mutation release I got my hands on was a boxed set which I bought at Vintage Vinyl in Woodbridge, New Jersey. The boxed set included a UM 7", Bored Youth 7", Impatient Youth 7", Meatmen 7" and White Flag 7". How could anyone pass that up? Through tape trading, I was able to acquire everything else this great band did. For all the other United Mutation freaks out there, this is for you. This demo has 1 track which went unreleased called "White Amerika." Enjoy.

1. Fugitive Family/Plain Truth
2. Final Solution
3. White Amerika
4. It's Over
5. I Know A Place
6. Passout
7. Own Way
8. Lice, Flies And Vermin


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