Thursday, July 9, 2009

There Is More tape compilation 1983

Here's an hour long documentation of the Akron/Kent, Ohio punk/hardcore scene in the early 80's. Rebel Truth from Sacramento, CA contributed a song on this compilation also, all the rest are from the Buckeye State.

1. Zero Defex (aka 0.D.F.X.) - 4 / Swine Hunt Doggen / 2 Minutes Hate / Just Found Out / Strike / Proper Attire / Life Is Worse / Oppression / Heat / Drop The A-Bomb On Me / Drugs (Suck) / 1984 The War / No More / Kid's Tonight
Agitated - Living In Akron / Almost X / Blissful Ignorance / Go Klux, Go Die / I Got A Rite / Red Flag/ In This Room
Starvation Army - Pain / G.I. Joe / Steppen Stone / (R.I.P.) Cleveland Is Dead / New Black List / Louie / Fun / Adrenalin Fix
Urban Mutants - Rock It To Death / American Mortal / Harasment /Not Living / Conditioned / Nice Girls
Rebel Truth - Things Have Got To Change
The Offbeats - Maybe / Beyond Reasoning / Neo / Child Abuse / Check Out This Shit
The Dark - Put Your Hand Through The Plastic / You Got What You Wanted / The Passage
Idiot Savants - I Don't Like You / Burn Out / Society Sucks / Tell Me Why / Looking In The Mirror



  1. Damn, this is a gem! I've only heard a few Starvation Army tracks, and always loved them. Can't wait to hear this!


  2. This tape rules. I do have the cover sleeve if you need it. Just get in touch :

    Check my blog :

    Check my wants :

    IDIOT SAVANTS were great.

    AGITATED tracks are earlier than the ones available on their 7"/CD. It's more primitive music but it's still great...

    OHIO 80's hardcore rules.