Friday, July 17, 2009

United Mutation - 01/07/1983 demo

I've heard a lot of negative things about Lost And Found Records. Been told that they were rip offs or bootleggers, and for all I know, it may all be very true. At the same time, Lost And Found introduced me to lots of great hardcore releases that would have gone under my radar if they hadn't gotten them into the shops. United Mutation were one of these bands, and I need to thank Lost And Found for including United Mutation on various releases. The first United Mutation release I got my hands on was a boxed set which I bought at Vintage Vinyl in Woodbridge, New Jersey. The boxed set included a UM 7", Bored Youth 7", Impatient Youth 7", Meatmen 7" and White Flag 7". How could anyone pass that up? Through tape trading, I was able to acquire everything else this great band did. For all the other United Mutation freaks out there, this is for you. This demo has 1 track which went unreleased called "White Amerika." Enjoy.

1. Fugitive Family/Plain Truth
2. Final Solution
3. White Amerika
4. It's Over
5. I Know A Place
6. Passout
7. Own Way
8. Lice, Flies And Vermin


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Terveet Kadet - 2 one sided EP's ('80 & '81)

Terveet Kadet are one of the longest lasting Finnish hardcore bands. If I am not mistaken, they still play today. My friend Bonedog described seeing them play here in the States in '85, mentioning the presence of skin tight spandex and teased hair. That aside, I remember buying some of their "newer" records a good 15 years ago, and digging what I heard. In 1980, Terveet Kadet debuted with a 1 sided 7" EP titled "Rock La Hausta Vastaan," followed by another 1 sided EP released in 1981 which was self titled. I have compiled both 1 sided EP's for your pleasure. Terveet Kadet were one of the earliest hardcore bands on the scene in Finland, the only other hardcore bands at that time were Lama, Idiooti and Nolla Nolla Nolla, who I will share with you later. Both of these recordings sound a lot like American thrash pioneers Middle Class, with harsher vocals. After these 2 records, Terveet Kadet took on more of a Discharge inspired sound, and later on, began to adopt more metal leanings. I still need to give more of their later material a fair listen, I did enjoy the records these guys released in the 90's.

1. Mina Haluan Poljon Rahaa
Joutuka Sielut
Vapaa Pohjola
Mull On Liian Lyhyt Sanky
Ei Enaa Koskaan Sotaa
Kaks Vihreaa Polkupyoraa


Hellhouse - '85 Demo

This demo tape is equally awesome and ridiculous. It's said that a member of NYC Mayhem/Straight Ahead put this together. It's clearly a one man band, with non stop drum machine blasting, over distorted vocals and some fun riffs that are conjured from repeated listens to "Hell Awaits" and maybe an early Morbid Angel demo tape. This demo made its way around the world via tape trading, as i've found a few people in Europe and South America who had their own copies. A good download for those into early death metal or fans of NYC Mayhem/Straight Ahead who are just a little curious.

1. Kill Your Mother
Meat Cleaver
Rape Your Mother


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Revenge Of The Whores - Demo 1983

I received this demo through tape trading with Jan from the band Agathocles some years back. Jan championed this band as an influence, so I was curious to hear it. I was a bit surprised listening to this, they are certainly a hair faster than your average hardcore band in 1983. Word is that these guys were basically intending to top D.R.I. in the speed department. Revenge Of The Whores were from Arizona, so perhaps the heat was the reason for all the speed and frustration. After this band, members went on to Useless Piece Of Shit, who were an early noisecore thrash band a la Psycho Sin. The ROTW tape I received from Jan has 4 songs on it, I have heard it actually has 7. Sorry if my version is incomplete. The lyrics to the song "Boycott Israel," are possibly sketchy from what I can make out, free speech for the dumb.

1. Hinckley's Brain
Club Foot
Boycott Israel
Robot Man


Average Community - Demo '86

These guys were from Trenton, New Jersey and did one demo under the Average Community name, then changed it to Prisoners Of War and did a couple more demos before breaking up in 1989. Sadly, bass player and my good friend Sam Latini (or as everyone knew him, Psycho Sam), passed away on June 12th this year. Very heartbreaking, I was shocked when I first heard the news. Sam was only 39. I will look back fondly at all the times we had as friends, you will be missed. After playing in Prisoners Of War, Sam went on to play bass for the punk band Rabid Ratfuck (great name!). Sam was a fixture at Trenton's City Gardens, he lived right down the street. If you ever recall a guy who might have been just a little too big to stagedive, taking a kamikaze dive and landing on your head, chances are, it was Sam. He was likeable in every way, his calm and cool demeanor and great attitude made him a rare character. RIP Psycho Sam. Hear his first recorded works as a bass player below.

1. Zitface
Society 5
Mr. O
Stop That Nonsense
7 Seconds
Mr. Happy
Electric World
Like It Or Not
I'm Lou
Move Out


Members of Average Community/Prisoners Of War, have put together a documentary about the band and coming of age in Trenton, New Jersey. You can get info on this documentary here:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Aburadako - ADK flexi 1983

Aburadako are still active today, although the band has spent most of their career as a very experimental ensemble. This debut flexi shows the band playing hardcore/punk, a style they would not wear for very long. Based on what we have here, I would imagine these guys were listening to lots of Stalin and Typhus when they wrote this material.

1. Run High
2. Perseverance
3. The Jerusalem Humiliation
4. Breaking Off
5. Nothing
6. Atomic Bomb


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fanous Cheezcake - Easy Answers & Simple Slogans EP 1986

Here's a nifty 7 incher from Holmdel, New Jersey's Fanous Cheezcake. F.C.C. also shared members with straight edge pissers Crucial Youth, as well as crossover crushers Dirge. You can definitly hear the similarities to Crucial Youth in the guitar playing. These guys also released a live demo titled "Can't Go Back" in 1986.

1. Talk Shit
Blind Acceptance
Which Side?
2. Mikey's Not Dead
For What It's Worth
New Way
I Won't Listen


There Is More tape compilation 1983

Here's an hour long documentation of the Akron/Kent, Ohio punk/hardcore scene in the early 80's. Rebel Truth from Sacramento, CA contributed a song on this compilation also, all the rest are from the Buckeye State.

1. Zero Defex (aka 0.D.F.X.) - 4 / Swine Hunt Doggen / 2 Minutes Hate / Just Found Out / Strike / Proper Attire / Life Is Worse / Oppression / Heat / Drop The A-Bomb On Me / Drugs (Suck) / 1984 The War / No More / Kid's Tonight
Agitated - Living In Akron / Almost X / Blissful Ignorance / Go Klux, Go Die / I Got A Rite / Red Flag/ In This Room
Starvation Army - Pain / G.I. Joe / Steppen Stone / (R.I.P.) Cleveland Is Dead / New Black List / Louie / Fun / Adrenalin Fix
Urban Mutants - Rock It To Death / American Mortal / Harasment /Not Living / Conditioned / Nice Girls
Rebel Truth - Things Have Got To Change
The Offbeats - Maybe / Beyond Reasoning / Neo / Child Abuse / Check Out This Shit
The Dark - Put Your Hand Through The Plastic / You Got What You Wanted / The Passage
Idiot Savants - I Don't Like You / Burn Out / Society Sucks / Tell Me Why / Looking In The Mirror


VI - Triumph Of Death EP 1987

VI hail from Denmark, and are a bit of a mystery to me. Nonetheless, they put out a killer 7" on the very prolific Looney Tunes Records, run by the folks in the band Active Minds. This record, as well as most of the Looney Tunes catalog are out of print. The label is still active to this day, although it mostly focuses on releasing and keeping in print the extensive Active Minds discography. As an added bonus, I added 2 VI songs that appeared on the Noget Pa Dansk 7" compilation, released on the label Boston Tea Party in 1984.

1. Tiltcore
2. En Slov Knov I Brystet
3. It's Love
4. Bunch Of Shit
5. Gadebillede
6. Alt For Meget Menneske
7. Dod Raddern Menneskehed
8. Hekse Proces (comp track)
9. Yankee Go Home (comp track)


Outlawz - '82 & '83

Prepare for a quick pummeling by these then-young Netherlanders. 3 of the tracks here are from the Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit Vol. 1 compilation LP from '82, and the other 3 are from Vol. 2 which was released a year later. Both volumes of that compilation are well worth having, each one features well recorded material from other Dutch greats like B.G.K., Zmiv, Pandemonium, Nitwitz, etc., but the focus here is on the Outlawz. From what I can gather, this is all the material the Outlawz released. If anyone out there knows anything different, feel free to comment. The band broke up in 1983 when their drummer joined Frites Modern. Not surprisingly, his influence on Frites Modern's sound changed them from a more melodic punk band to a raving thrash band!

1. El Salvador
2. Enola Gay/Anyway
3. Dollars
4. Dummy
5. General
6. Chocomel


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Jersey's Finest - 4 Swell Guys demo 1982

Here's a demo from one of Central New Jersey's earliest hardcore bands. They hailed from New Brunswick, which was home to a few other great hardcore acts like Send Help, TMA and Genocide. NJF were very short lived, by 1983 bass player Andy Skovran and guitar players Paul Decolator and Harpo were absorbed into the band Pleased Youth. Unfortunately, Paul Decolater passed away in 2002. A mere months before his passing, I was discussing releasing some NJF material with him. Sadly, that release was never able to materialize. Paul's love of music was immense, he was deeply involved in anything and everything. He booked and promoted shows (7 Second's 1st Jersey show and many others!), ran a zine (Tips & Tours), did a radio show (WPRB-Princeton), played for a handful of bands (Loose, NJF, Bristles, Pleased Youth, G.G. Allin), and just before his passing, was looking to start a label. I remember him really wanting to do a legit release of Autistic Behavior's "Shattered Cattle" LP, which never saw proper release.

The other members of NJF still play on. Vocalist Harpo and Andy play for Niblick Henbane (Headache Records).

According to Paul, NJF had about 5 studio recorded songs that never came out. I also have some live stuff recorded at the now defunct Pipeline which I may upload later.

1. New Jersey's Finest
Selective Service
Lose A Bolt
I Wanna Kill U
Jah Blah Blah
Temporary Insanity
Let's Sellout
Draft Beer
Gutter Snipe


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Poison Idea - odds and ends

Here's one of the greatest and most celebrated hardcore bands in these here United States. Thankfully, pretty much the entire discography of this band is available on CD, making it all too easy to own for fair prices. For your convenience, I am posting some material which is not currently in print and not readily available on their CD's. So go down to your local record shop, get to the "P" section, and buy all the Poison Idea shit. Then come back home, download the tracks off this blog, unwind with your favorite wine or amphetamine, and get ready to trash your apartment/house/condo/squat. The Poison Idea catalog guarantees you hours of adrenalized violence, plus you'll be making the streets of Portland safer by supporting these fucking miscreants.

Demo '81
1. unknown
2. unknown
3. Death Pact
4. Swallow It
5. unknown
6. unknown
7. Give It Up
8. All Right
9. Young Lord
Demo '83
10. Motorhead
11. AA
12. Cold Comfort
13. Marked For Life
14. Typical
B - Side of "Punish Me" 7"/12"/CD Single 1991
15. Mario The Cop