Sunday, June 21, 2009

Satan's Cheerleaders - Created In Your Image demo (1983)

This is the first demo by this Centerpoint, NY (Long Island) band. Two other demos exist from Satan's Cheerleaders, one called "Bark Twice For Freedom," and one called "Ass Backwards," both released after this one in 1984. The members of this band also played in Insanity Defense and Fatal Visions, who all put out releases on their own Unsound Music label. This demo was recorded live in a basement, so don't be expecting Don Fury here. But if you wanna hear some snotty as hell, lo fi thrash, then use the link below.

I Remember 7th Grade (lyrics)

I remember 7th grade
Walking around with a hard-on
I remember 7th grade
With evil shop teachers
School is a jail
I remember 7th grade
Home is a hell
I remember 7th grade
Fights in the hall
I remember 7th grade
100% mainstream


1. I Remember The 7th Grade
Living In Fear
Misguided Products
Teenage Abortion
The Holy And The Rich
Sex And Beer
We Want You
Animal Functions
Sid Takes A Holiday
Created In Your Image

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