Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cyanamid - I Love NJ demo (1983)

Perhaps you've heard of American Cyanamid, a company from Bound Brook, New Jersey who invented the glow stick. According to Cyanamid's drummer Chris, when these guys were wee little ones in the Boy Scouts, they'd come across these discarded plastic glow sticks all over the place. One might assume that the toxic goo inside those things might not be one the healthiest additions to ones environment. Fast foward ahead, and now these Bound Brook boys form a band adopting the name Cyanamid for their own. And man, by the sounds these guys produced, you'd think they were drinking that glowing toxic goo for fun all these years. Representatives from American Cyanamid actually showed up to one of their first shows at New Brunswick, New Jersey's famed Court Tavern, to investigate the culprits using the Cyanamid name. A few songs in they got the message and left.

I'd attempt to describe their sound as a cross between Flipper, early Hüsker Dü and bursts of rabid blasting insanity. But listen to it for youself. This demo was passed down to me by Dan, the singer of this band. My tape copy also had a live set from 1983, which I can post here if anyone is interested in hearing it.

These guys did many shows with their brutha band Child Abuse, as well as with locals like the Wild Hairs. Cyanamid also had opening spots for the Dead Kennedys and Minor Threat. After this demo, they released a 7" on Mutha Records, as well as appeared on the "New Jersey's Got It" comp. LP on Buy Our Records. Three songs from this demo also appeared on the "New Jersey's Most Wanted" tape compilation from '85. A later live set was recorded in 1987 on Pat Duncan's show, but it was not the original line up of the band.


1. In The Hole
2. unknown title
3. Old People
4. NJ Is A Mall
5. Stop The World
6. Support / Our Way
7. I Hate Pigeons
8. This Is Hell / I Love PBJS
9. unknown title
10. Go To Work, Go To Sleep / unknown title


  1. Hi Man,

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  2. looking forward for that '83. live set, thanks!

  3. See
    for prev. unreleased CD of live stuff
    and DVD of gig at Brighton bar, NJ