Sunday, June 21, 2009

Anarcoólatras - Demo 1983

Here's a short 3 song blast from São Paulo, Brazil. The band formed in 1980, albeit without actually owning any musicial equipment. Lucky for them, fellow local punkers Cólera were willing to lend them the tools of the trade. Upon the departure of their original drummer, Redson from Cólera got behind the kit for these guys. With this line-up the band went in to record for a split record with Cólera, Inocentes, Grito Surbano and Olho Seco to be released on Punk Rock Discos. This recording was rejected and Redson left the band due to time constraints. Teodoros of Grito Suburbano then joined the band and they were able to record about 10 songs. 3 of them you'll find on this demo from 1983. The band folded before the close of 1983, when guitar player Strongos was called into the army. Later, Strongos became a brief member of Ratos De Porão.


1. Os Ratos
2. Marginais Inocentes
3. Controlados

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