Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chronic Fear - Demo 1986

Chronic Fear were a short lived band from Morris County, New Jersey. They recorded a total of three demos. All of the tracks that appear here on the 1986 demo, were later re-recorded that same year and released as a demo under the name "Discrimination." Their final demo, which also came out in 1986 was called "The Second Demo," which I will likely post at a later date.

Chronic Fear played high speed, metallic hardcore, similar to other new Jersey bands such as Social Decay, Lethal Aggression, Dirge, etc., with whom Chronic Fear would often play shows. These bands all had a large impact on the burgeoning crossover scene in the NY/NJ area. Chronic Fear began a little bit later, and lasted for a much shorter time than the above mentioned, which is why their recordings were left in obscurity. I remember reading an interview where the band talked about possibly signing with Combat Records. Unfortunately, that did not happen, and all we are left with are 9 recorded songs, 6 of which you can download below.


1. Beenie Weenie
2. Discrimination
3. Roaches Raid
4. Disturbance Of Mind
5. Bad Relations
6. Flintstone Frolics

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